Sports sponsorship

NN has a long history in sports sponsorship, ranging from volleyball to football. Nationale-Nederlanden was the main sponsor of the Dutch national football team, between 1992 and 2010. In 2014, we searched for a participation sport that is not just for young people but crossed generations and is popular in most of our markets.


NN has chosen running as its main sports sponsoring domain. Running fits well with our values and our aim to contribute to people’s general health and financial well-being. Also, running attracts a diverse field of participants and spectators in terms of gender, age and nationality, which matches the diverse character of our customer base. We want to offer our support to the sport, its athletes and all the people who practise running or jogging themselves. With the sponsorship of running events in countries in which we do business, we also aim to enhance awareness of the newly launched NN brand which includes Nationale-Nederlanden and NN Investment Partners.

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Some of the running events we currently sponsor:

    • NN Kids & Family Runs, various locations, Bulgaria
    • NN Night Runs, various locations, Czech Republic
    • NN Ultrabalaton, Lake Balaton, Hungary
    • NN Night Run, Budapest, Hungary
    • ING Night Marathon, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
    • NN Marathon Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands
    • NN City-Pier-City Run (CPC), The Hague, Netherlands
    • NN The Hague Urban Trail, The Hague, Netherlands
    • City Trails with Nationale-Nederlanden, various locations, Poland
    • Nationale-Nederlanden San Silvestre Vallecana, Madrid, Spain
    • Cursa DiR Diagonal Guàrdia Urbana, Barcelona, Spain
    • Naha Marathon, Naha, Japan

    Events with shorter distances offer opportunities for runners of all ages and levels of fitness to participate. These events carry on our support of health through running, and provide an excitingopportunity to support good causes at the same time. In the years to come, our objective is to support more running activities in some of our other key markets.

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