Investor Relations contact

Jelmer Lantinga

Head of Investor Relations

+31 (0)70 513 9512

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Geraldine Bakker-Grier

Investor Relations Officer

+31 (0)88 663 9590

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Ruben van der Hulst

Investor Relations Officer

+31 (0)88 663 8625

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Sander Komijn

Investor Relations Officer

+31 (0)88 663 0886

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Gieta Salikram

Roadshow Manager

+31 (0)70 5131971

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General contact number for Investor Relations

+31 (0)88 663 5464

Investor Relations and contacts with (potential) shareholders

NN Group N.V. has formulated a policy regarding communications with (potential) shareholders, to act in accordance with section IV.3.13 of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code. This policy was adopted by the Management Board of NN Group N.V. on 30 June 2014.

> download the Policy Investor relations and contacts with (potential) shareholders