26 Mar 2019 - 09:15 CET

180 NN volunteers teach usable skills during Money Week

Money Week 2019 kicked off this week and will run until Friday, 29 March. This initiative from Money Wise aims to teach students how to handle money from a very young age. In that way, they can develop a foundation for a financially self-reliant adulthood. NN Group is participating for the sixth year in a row and will give guest lectures on insurance, money and banking. In the Netherlands, the 180 NN volunteers will give 275 guest lectures to nearly 6,700 children.

Guest lectures

During Money Week, volunteers give guest lectures at primary schools throughout the Netherlands. NN Group gives two types of lectures: the ‘Fix your Risk’ insurance lesson, and the ‘Cash Quiz’ banking lesson. An interactive digital game is used to help students practice the concepts they learned during the lectures.

Money Week and NN Group

NN Group is taking part in Money Week as part of its community investment programme, Future Matters. Future Matters focuses on improving the financial wellbeing of people in the communities in which we operate. Through giving guest lectures during Money Week, we contribute to the development of financial knowledge in society.