25 Jan 2018 - 09:30 CET

Edessa is NN Group’s Boss of Tomorrow

Thirteen-year-old Edessa Ogretmen is one of more than 200 students across the Netherlands who is today experiencing what it takes to lead a large organisation. For the fourth year running, NN Group is participating in JINC’s programme ‘Boss of Tomorrow’ and Dorothee van Vredenburch, our Chief Change & Organisation (CCO) and member of the NN Management Board, has invited Edessa to take her place for a day.

The role of innovation and social media in customer engagement at NN will be the assignment for Edessa as NN Group’s Boss of Tomorrow. Edessa, who is in her second year at the Rijswijks Lyceum, will participate in a number of meetings at NN and meet with colleagues before offering her advice on ways we can improve our social media outreach.

Dorothee is participating in the Boss of Tomorrow programme for the second time. ‘I value programmes such as Boss of Tomorrow that allow us to connect with young people. It is great to participate again and help someone who is just starting to think about his or her career explore and experience the different types of roles and opportunities that are available.’

JINC supports young people aged between 8 and 16 years to get a positive start in the job market, by offering job orientations and interview training. JINC believes that every child deserves a chance in the job market. Every year, the Boss of Tomorrow programme places more than 200 students with executives of large companies throughout the Netherlands to give them a taste of what it takes to lead a large organisation.

The relationship between JINC and NN Group is a key part of Future Matters, NN Group’s overarching community investment programme. The mission of JINC directly align with those of Future Matters. Every year, NN volunteers help JINC to realise its ambitions and activities.