26 Jan 2018 - 10:23 CET

Edessa’s day as NN’s Boss of Tomorrow

NN Group welcomed a special guest boss to NN Group headquarters in The Hague yesterday as Edessa Ogretmen took over from Dorothee van Vredenburch as our Chief Change & Organisation (CCO) for the day. Thirteen-year-old Edessa, who is in her second year at the Rijswijks Lyceum, is part of the ‘Boss of Tomorrow’ programme, organised by JINC in the Netherlands.

CCO for a day

Edessa arrived at NN Group headquarters at 9:00 sharp where she began her tenure as CCO in Dorothee’s office. Dorothee handed over her activities and introduced NN Group before giving Edessa an assignment. Edessa was to offer advice on how we can better use social media to engage with future customers from her own age group.

Edessa attended a number of meetings to learn about how NN uses social media in our businesses. As a digital native, Edessa is well versed in social media, and we were excited to see what she could teach us.

Innovation at NN was another big focus of the day. Colleagues from the Innovation team explained to Edessa how we encourage new ideas that will increase customer satisfaction and allow us to adapt to changing markets. This goal is what drives innovation at NN, and involves developing new products and engaging with our customers when and how they want.

As part of her duties as CCO, Edessa participated in a radio interview with FunX. Edessa spoke about her views on NN what it is like to work here: ‘At NN, everybody looks out for each other and cares for each other. I learned that having good colleagues is really important!’

The final assignment

Edessa used and adapted these ideas as she completed her assignment. In her presentation to Dorothee, Edessa suggested we need to learn more about the social media channels used by her age group. Edessa’s preferred social media channel is Snapchat, with its streaks and fun filters.

Edessa’s social media tips

  • Create an NN Snapchat account and fun NN Snapchat filters to promote brand visibility
  • Don’t think about social media campaigns for too long: if you hesitate, you miss opportunities
  • Adults can be risk adverse, and in social media you have to take risks

The way NN uses social media and innovation is always changing as we adapt and evolve. Dorothee welcomed these ideas from Edessa, and imparted her own career advice. Dorothee gave her phone number to Edessa and encouraged Edessa to also connect with her on Instagram.

Dorothee was very pleased with Edessa’s work: ‘Edessa has opened our eyes to a wealth of social media channels. I look forward to seeing how we can implement some of her ideas. It was very inspiring to have Edessa as my replacement for a day. I wish her all the best for her future study!’

With her pitch to Dorothee complete, Edessa’s tenure as CCO of NN Group came to a close. Thank you, Edessa, for joining us at NN as our CCO for a day and as a Boss of Tomorrow.