2 Oct 2017 - 13:00 CET

Lard Friese on the IPO and NN Group further developing a strong identity since

Lard Friese, CEO NN Group

CEO Magazine has published an interview with NN Group’s CEO Lard Friese in its October issue.

In the interview, Lard Friese talks about NN Group’s IPO in 2014, and how NN Group has been developing a strong own identity since.  In the interview, he stresses the importance of teamwork and collaboration in achieving the broader goals of the company. “There is simply no replacement for the thrill of great teamwork,” he shares. “I saw it in all of our people rising to the occasion, to drive the company to an independent future at the time of the IPO, and also upon the acquisition of Delta Lloyd, which took quite some energy to complete. I think that a clear sense of purpose, being part of a team, and being in an inspiring environment – one that allows you enough freedom, so you can really live up to your potential – are the key ingredients.” Read the full article.