29 Sep 2017 - 07:43 CET

NN Group gives guest lessons in programming

Expedition micro:bit

Today, 45,000 children in groups 6, 7, and 8 at 474 schools throughout the Netherlands will embark on ‘expedition micro:bit’. Several dozen colleagues from NN Group will give guest lessons at various schools in The Hague and Rotterdam, with the aim of introducing primary school children and teachers to technology.

Digital toolkit

This week, all 474 schools will receive 20 Digital toolkits free of charge. The kits contain ten lessons and a micro:bit, a mini computer, to teach pupils programming.  Expedition micro:bit is an initiative run by Stichting FutureNL. Ronilla Snellen, director of the Foundation:

‘We have identified a gap between Dutch children’s digital development and the future demand from society for suitable digital skills. By teaching children about technology, while having fun at the same time, we hope to bridge this gap.’

‘NN Group is increasingly looking for colleagues with coding and programming skills. We are currently having difficulty finding these people. This is why it is important that, as a company, we help to teach children these skills at a young age,’ says Toine van Groesen, initiator of expedition micro:bit at NN Group.

Future Matters

‘Expedition micro:bit links up with our community investment programme, Future Matters, because it focuses on teaching relevant knowledge and skills that young people will need in the labour market in the future. We are proud that we are able to play our part in developing this knowledge in society,’ says Fleur Hudig, Head of Corporate Citizenship at NN.

More information about expedition micro:bit is available at www.expeditiemicrobit.nl (in Dutch only).