28 May 2019 - 15:50 CET

NN Group publishes Total Tax Contribution Report 2018

Today NN Group published its first Total Tax Contribution Report, for the financial year 2018. NN Group is committed to responsible tax management and transparency. This report builds on steps earlier taken, and provides comprehensive disclosures over the taxes that we pay to governments in the countries where we operate.

The Total Tax Contribution Report follows the publication of the Group Tax Charter in 2018 and underlines transparency on NN Group’s tax position and strategy.

Delfin Rueda, Chief Financial Officer of NN Group: ‘We believe that paying tax is more than a ‘cost of doing business’. Our tax contributions play an important role for the communities in which we operate. Being a responsible taxpayer means that in our tax planning we take due account of long-term considerations and carefully weigh the interests of our stakeholders. We therefore have a set of guiding tax principles we adhere to, and we strive for transparency about how we fulfil our tax obligations.’

Besides taxes that NN Group pays as a taxpayer, which represent a cost to our company, we are responsible for collecting taxes on behalf of our clients, employees, and service providers, and pay them to tax authorities. By bringing together all relevant information about these taxes, NN Group aims to improve the understanding of its business and its approach to tax.

Download the full Tax Contribution Report here.