3 Jul 2019 - 13:15 CET

NN Group supports Plastic Whale in fight against plastic waste

NN Group and Plastic Whale are joining forces to fight plastic waste. The collaboration aims to raise awareness of this problem. NN has also signed an internal pledge to make our office environment as free of plastic as possible.

The signing of the ‘NN Plastic Pledge’ and our collaboration with Plastic Whale is part of a wider programme to make NN Group’s office environment more sustainable. The ‘NN Plastic Pledge’ will help us realise our ambition to stop using single-use plastics or replace them with alternatives. Furthermore, NN aims to raise awareness of plastic usage among employees and wants to work together with suppliers on the sustainable use of and alternatives for plastic. The motto is: refuse, reduce and recycle.

Plastic Whale inspires people to make a change through its plastic fishing trips on the canals of Amsterdam and by creating economic value from plastic waste. Plastic fished on these trips is turned into boats and office furniture. As part of our partnership, Plastic Whale will build a boat with the NN Group logo. The boat, made from recycled PET bottles, will be used for plastic fishing once it launches in September.

Circular office furniture

NN is the launching partner of Plastic Whale by Vepa, a fully circular office furniture line. The special furniture is partially made from plastic fished from Amsterdam's canals and therefore directly tackles the problem of plastic soup. Unique to the production process is that Plastic Whale collects the raw material itself for manufacturing the furniture. Last year, a boardroom table and chairs were installed at NN Group’s headquarters in The Hague, which helps raise awareness of plastic waste.

Plastic in investments

NN Group’s asset manager, NN Investment Partners (NN IP), is also committed to fighting plastic pollution. NN IP has identified three important focus areas in which investors can engage for change in plastics use.

Collaboration with Water Sports Association

We recently announced a collaboration between Plastic Whale, NN Group and the Water Sports Association. To raise awareness for the activities of Plastic Whale, the Plastic Whale logo will be displayed on the clothing and boats of top Dutch sailors and surfers.

NN Group Management Board member Dailah Nihot and Marius Smit (Plastic Whale) sign the NN Plastic Pledge