12 Mar 2018 - 08:05 CET

NN and Money Week: financial education in a fun way

Today is the start of Global Money Week 2018. In the Netherlands, Money Week is held from 12 to 16 March 2018. It  is an initiative of Money Wise. The goal of Money Week is to teach children about money, risks and insurance in a fun way. NN is participating for the fifth year in a row by giving guest lectures about insurance and banking. The 161 volunteers of NN will give 306 guest lectures to around 7500 children in total.

Guest lectures

During Money Week, guest lectures are given at primary schools throughout the Netherlands. NN gives two kinds of guest lectures: one about insurance and one about banking. As a part of the guest lectures, the children play an interactive digital game in which they put the words and concepts they have learned directly into practice.

Amongst the volunteers of NN this year are David Knibbe, CEO Netherlands, and Satish Bapat, CEO NN Investment Partners.

Money Week and NN

The volunteers of NN participate within the framework of our overarching community investment programme, NN Future Matters, which shares many objectives with Global Money Week. NN Future Matters aims to empower young people in the markets where we operate to improve their financial well-being, and to support them in growing their economic opportunities, so they can realise their dreams and overcome adversity.

Teaching children in a fun way