17 May 2018 - 07:02 CET

NN in Belgium: moving forward as the most personal insurer

On 30 March, NN Insurance Belgium completed the legal merger with Delta Lloyd Life Belgium. As a result, Delta Lloyd disappeared as a brand and legal entity in Belgium. The combined company continues under the name NN.

CEO Jan Van Autreve: ‘NN’s objective to strengthen our market position in Belgium - in combination with strengthening our solid capital position - is now legally settled. The acquisition of Delta Lloyd in Belgium results in the expansion and enrichment of our product range. In addition to our strong position in bancassurance, we now also have access to the channel of professional insurance brokers. NN holds the fourth position in the Belgian life market. Therefore, it is well placed to offer clients relevant solutions for pensions in ‘branch 23’ (Belgian pensions linked to investment funds), death coverage and disability protection. A personal approach and quality service are paramount.'

For everything that makes you unique

To promote its new joint identity and increased brand awareness in Belgium, NN launched the campaign ‘For everything that makes you unique’ in April. The campaign focuses on ‘uniqueness’ and ‘empowerment’.

NN strives to be the most personal insurer in Belgium, through connecting with real people and starting conversations about what makes their lives unique. Because NN recognises that everyone deserves a personal, empathic approach, they offer personal advice and service, so customers can make informed decisions to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Happiness in Belgium

NN has the ambition to help Belgians have a happy and healthy life. Because everybody wants to be happy. But at the same time, happiness means something different for all of us.

To support this aim, NN collaborated with the University of Ghent on the National Happiness Survey, to find out what makes Belgians happy. The initial results of the survey and the gelukkigebelgen.be platform were launched in March. The resulting press coverage generated large amounts of traffic to the platform.

NN’s happiness platform gelukkigebelgen.be features a Happy-O-Meter. With several questions, the Happy-O-Meter can determine how happy a person is in different areas in his or her life, including relationships, health and status in society. Suggestions on how people can empower themselves to live a happier life are offered in the platform’s happiness blog.

The most important conclusions of the National Happiness Survey

  • Poor health has a negative impact on our ability to feel happy
  • One in five millennials (born between 1982 and 2002) report feeling alone
  • Belgian senior citizens are the happiest, with Generation X (born roughly between the early 1960s and late 1970s) lagging behind
  • Young people have an average of 510 social media contacts. However, as most people cannot maintain strong relationships with more than 150 contacts, young people may not really feel connected.
  • Money does buy happiness, but only to a certain level. People whose finances are stable are happier than those who struggle financially. However, happiness levels do not rise at the same rate and speed as increasing income.

NN Insurance Belgium

  • About 750 employees
  • Top four market position in life insurance
  • Distribution channels: bancassurance (mainly ING Bank) and professional brokers