5 Feb 2018 - 10:00 CET

NN products among the best on Czech market

For a second year in a row, life insurance products by NN Czech Republic have been evaluated as top-of-the-market by renowned independent financial server ‘Finparada.cz’. NN Pensions was also awarded, taking third place for its supplementary pension savings.

In the ranking for Finparada.cz - Financial Product of the Year 2017, Czech’s ‘NN Smart’ insurance scooped first place in the unit-link category, NN Life (NN Život) ranked second in the category of risk life insurance, and NN Pensions took third place in the category supplementary pension saving. The ranking was put together by financial experts from Scott & Rose Co. who run the Finparada.cz portal, and monitor and evaluate the quality of financial products throughout the year. NN is the only insurance and pensions company to receive three awards.

NN Smart: best on the market

According to the Finparada.cz jury, the competitive advantage of NN Smart lies in its wide offer of riders and the fact that up to two adults and up to ten children may be included in one contract. The jury also commended that mental illness has been removed from the list of exclusions for first and second degree of disability, and applauded NN’s special offer of CZK 1 million on top of insurance payout in case of death on a highway. On top of that, Finparada.cz experts highlighted the flexibility of the product, its loyalty and no-claims bonus, as well as its varied investment strategy portfolio.


NN Life pure-risk: second best on the market

NN Life scored high points thanks to its impressive portfolio of riders, a high number of children’s riders, the widest serious illnesses coverage on the market (67 diseases), the removal of mental illnesses from the list of exclusions for first and second degree of disability, as well as the reduction of the waiting period for the eligibility for disability indemnity from 24 to 18 months. And, as for NN Smart, CZK 1.5 million on top of an insurance payout in case of death on a highway.

NN Pensions: third best on the market

NN Pensions scored high points, thanks to its ‘Supplementary Pensions Savings Growth Fund’ that for 2017 offered its clients a 14% return.

Kateřina Štěrbová, Chief Marketing Officer of NN Czech and Slovak Republics: ‘We are delighted that three of our products received the top score in their respective categories. Customers and their needs are at the core of our product development. We are very pleased that an expert jury confirmed that our products are of highest quality.’

Kateřina Štěrbová Kateřina Štěrbová