2 Mar 2018 - 09:45 CET

NN signs Marine Insurance Statement against pirate fishing

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing the world today. The impact of climate change is reflected in severe weather events such as windstorms, drought and sea level rise. The oceans’ ecosystems suffer not only from climate change, but also from pollution and overfishing. This is why NN has signed the Marine Insurance Statement to fight pirate fishing.
IUU fishing
Pirate fishing, also known as illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing, has caused the deterioration of the marine environment. This is why the European Union has blacklisted more than 100 vessels committing IUU fishery. By being a signatory of the Marine Insurance Statement, NN Group is committed to not insure vessels on the EU blacklist. Additionally, we will actively create awareness about this subject with our stakeholders.

About the Statement
The Marine Insurance Statement against IUU fishing has been developed by Oceana, the world’s largest international organisation for the preservation of our oceans, Principles for Sustainable Insurance (PSI), and several (international) insurance companies. The statement has already been signed by several large insurance companies. As one of the leading marine insurers in the Dutch market with broad market coverage, NN signed the statement last week. NN has served the marine insurance market for nearly 45 years and has a dedicated, highly qualified team of marine underwriters and claim handlers.

Anneke Kooiman, Underwriting Manager Marine Insurance, stated: ‘We will share our underwriting policy with our clients and stakeholders on a national and international level, and are proud that we can contribute to Oceana's campaign safeguarding ocean life.’