3 Apr 2018 - 10:15 CET

Nationale-Nederlanden Poland starts offering travel insurance

In 2017, Nationale-Nederlanden Poland received a licence to sell non-life insurance. This important step allows Nationale-Nederlanden Poland to develop different distribution channels and supplement its offer with non-life products. This broadens the value proposition offered to Polish customers.

Several non-life products have already been developed for the bancassurance channel. But Nationale-Nederlanden Poland recently launched a new non-life product, an easy to purchase travel insurance, which is the first to be sold online directly by Nationale-Nederlanden. The new travel insurance product includes liability insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, and protection for travel disruption or cancellation. The travel insurance also offers home assistance, and even support in case of an act of terror.

Nationale-Nederlanden Poland’s  travel insurance is a unique offering, with a wide range of options and high coverage of up to EUR 240,000. In Poland, the average cover for travel insurance is 10 people, but Nationale-Nederlanden Poland’s can cover up to 20 people, for example, for a customer travelling not only with his or her own family but also with other families. The coverage starts from the moment the customer leaves his or her home, providing cover for accidents that happen at the start of the journey in Poland. No other Polish insurer offers such protection in one policy

Customers may also choose extra features, such as accident insurance, third party liability, car assistance, and coverage for chronic diseases.

The new travel insurance is available on the Nationale-Nederlanden Poland website: https://www.nn.pl/ubezpieczenie-turystyczne