3 Nov 2017 - 16:00 CET

North Sea Jazz

North Sea Jazz and NN Group are combining their strengths and embarking on a three-year partnership. Starting with the 2018 edition, NN will be the title sponsor of the North Sea Jazz Festival. It is the largest indoor jazz festival in the world. It is known for being the annual event in which the past, present and future of jazz converge.

Jan Willem Luyken, director of North Sea Jazz: ‘The North Sea Jazz Festival is particularly proud to welcome NN Group as its new partner. That we are able to work with NN on our biggest, most impactful festival is fantastic. NN is an amazing Dutch brand that has strong roots in Rotterdam. Just like NN, we are convinced that music pays an important role in society. We are therefore looking forward to a very successful collaboration.’

Proud to be partner

Music connects, expresses, moves and inspires: music matters – to you, to us.

Music is important for many people. Nearly everyone listens to music every day, and music often plays an important role in major events in our lives. This is closely connected to NN’s brand promise: ‘You matter’, with which we want to convey that what is important to our customers is important to NN. With our partnerships, we want to offer people the opportunity to be part of something special. We’re convinced that, together with North Sea Jazz, we can further realise this ambition in an inspirational way.’

More information is available on the North Sea Jazz website.

Active sponsor in many sectors

NN Group is an active sponsor in many sectors. Especially those that are close to what is important to people and where a partnership can add value. Our sponsoring activities focus on sport and art, and our partnership with North Sea Jazz has also added music to the mix. In forming these partnerships, NN seeks organisations with common objectives, such as improving the experience of an event or attracting other target groups using an innovative approach.