1 May 2018 - 15:00 CET

Stichting van Schulden naar Kansen: foundation for poverty reduction continues under a new name

From 1 May, the Delta Lloyd Foundation will be known as ‘Stichting van Schulden naar Kansen’ (‘From Debt to Opportunities Foundation’). The goal of the foundation is to help teach households the financial skills they need to sustainably get out of debt and poverty. Together with local nonprofit partners in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Arnhem and Zwolle, the foundation aims to advance financial literacy and improve people’s financial security. The help is much needed, as one in five households in the Netherlands struggles with problematic debts.

The projects of Stichting van Schulden naar Kansen are proven to positively impact the communities in which they are implemented. Research conducted by the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences shows the average debt of a large number of participants decreased significantly after participating in a project, from €13,149 to €7,282.

Read the full press release (in Dutch).