27 Mar 2019 - 09:21 CET

Ten recommendations for happiness and life satisfaction in Belgium

On International Happiness Day, Ghent University and life insurer NN Belgium published the final results of the National Happiness Survey, an in-depth and comprehensive study on happiness and life satisfaction in Belgium.

The study identified the three themes that have the greatest direct effect on Belgium’s gross national happiness: quality of social relationships, satisfaction with health and satisfaction with financial situation. Based on the survey results, Ghent University scientists published ten recommendations, with a focus on health, social relations and finance. The recommendations are targeted at what policy makers can do, what the population can do for each other, and what people can do themselves.

Visit gelukkigebelgen.be for more information (in French and Dutch only) on the full results, the reactions of a dozen experts, and the recommendations of the scientific steering committee of the National Happiness Survey.