NN Group Code of Conduct

Through our retirement services, insurance, investments and banking products, we are committed to helping our customers secure their financial futures. To fulfil our purpose, we base our work on three core values: care, clear, commit. Our values, which we published under the title NN statement of Living our Values, set the standard for conduct and provide a compass for decision making. These Values are further expanded in the General Code of Conduct NN Netherlands (“Code of Conduct”). Furthermore, the Code of Conduct provides additional standards and rules, to ensure that the requirements NN has for the employees are clear to them.

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NN Group Whistleblower Policy

The NN Group Whistleblower Policy  applies to all NN Group entities. NN Group's reputation and organizational integrity are key requirements to operate successfully in financial services. Failing to meet these requirements would violate the NN Group Values and may expose NN Group and its employees to possible regulatory and/or criminal liability.

Internal reporting of (suspected) criminal or unethical conduct by or within NN is vital for maintaining sound business conduct. Employees are encouraged to report any of these behaviours through the normal reporting channels (i.e. through their immediate or next higher level manager) in order to keep an open dialogue.

However, an employee may feel unable or uncomfortable raising a concern through the normal reporting channels. The NN Group Whistleblower Policy enables every employee to report, including anonymously, a concern outside the normal reporting channels. NN Group guarantees several rights, including protection from retaliation, for an employee who reports a concern in good faith, who provides information, who causes information to be provided or who otherwise assists in an investigation and who respects the confidentiality of the matter.  

As of 1 July 2016 an Annex is added  for the NN Group entities established in the Netherlands to implement the requirements of the Dutch House for Whistleblowers Act.

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NN Group Compliance Function Charter

Effective compliance risk management helps NN to live up to and deliver on its strategic focus and values. It contributes to building trust in the company, both internally and externally, and protects NN’s brand. It enables NN to meet its compliance obligations and protect it from financial loss or reputational damage. It improves the way NN interacts with its stakeholders, enables NN to maintain a sustainable business and provides the license to operate.

This Charter, which was renewed in July 2019, describes the way NN Group’s Compliance Function enables, advises, challenges, supports and oversees NN Group’s Compliance Risk Management.

Insider Regulation NN

The Insider Regulation NN is an NN Group policy, based on the Market Abuse Regulation (Verordening Marktmisbruik). An essential element of this policy is to prevent (the appearance of) dealing while having inside information regarding NN Group. Employees within the organisation who (could) possess inside information regarding NN are assigned as ‘Insider NN’ and are as such governed by the (additional) rules of the Insider Regulation NN. These rules refer, among other things, to their personal account dealing in NN financial instruments, the monitoring thereof and the treatment of confidential information relating to NN Group.

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Personal Account Dealing Standard

The Personal Account Dealing Standard is an NN Group policy, based on the Market Abuse Regulation (Verordening Marktmisbruik). An essential element of this policy is to prevent (the appearance of) insider dealing. Employees within the Netherlands who (could) possess inside information are assigned as ‘Insider’ and are as such governed by the (additional) rules of the Personal Account Dealing Standard. These rules refer, among other things to their personal account dealing, the monitoring thereof and the treatment of confidential information.

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Gifts, Events and Business meals Policy

The Gifts, Events and Business meals Policy lists mandatory minimum requirements that need to be met to support NN Group and its underlying entities in mitigating the risk of bribery,  corruption and unsound conflicts of interest related to gifts, events and business meals. 

NN strictly prohibits the offering or accepting of bribes. We expect employees not to engage in any activity that may give the appearance of offering or accepting a bribe. As offering and receiving gifts and events and/or offering sponsorship and donations can be part of doing business, we have established rules to help prevent employees from unwittingly crossing boundaries and/or compromising their independent position towards third parties. As a general guideline, we expect all gifts, events and business meals to be reasonable in cost, quantity and frequency. And they should be provided and received in an open and transparent way. In case of doubt, employees are expected to seek guidance from management. Each NN entity has its own standard for gifts, events and business meals in place, approved by the Group, which defines thresholds and limits to frequencies, as well as registration requirements for gifts, events and business meals. These thresholds, limits and registration requirements may differ per NN entity. As a minimum requirement, however, all standards should reflect that employees may not offer or accept travel, accommodation, facilitation payments and cash or cash equivalents. NN entities are not permitted to make gifts or political donations or to offer events to political parties or candidates for political office.

download the Gifts, Events and Business meals Policy.

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