Our brand

NN Group’s new brand was developed with the aim of balancing our 175-year heritage and Dutch roots, with the requirements of an international financial services company .

Over the years, our businesses – Nationale-Nederlanden, NN and NN Investment Partners – have built leading positions in Europe and Japan. In 2014, these businesses came together under the holding name NN Group.

In 2016, NN Group launched our new international campaign, ‘It’s different when it’s yours’, celebrating the uniqueness of our individual customers. It focuses on those moments in life we all experience, yet we all experience it differently. So even though NN is proud to help millions of families, homes and businesses every day, we know that the family, home or business of each individual customer will matter most to him or her. Our new brand movie encapsulates our purpose, what we stand for and what we believe in.

You matter

NN Group wants to be known as the ‘You matter’ company: a people-oriented, relatable, and authentic service provider in the long-term financial planning industry. We want our customers to have an experience with our company that lives up to the promise we make. Therefore, ‘You matter’ is not just a slogan; it defines what we do at NN, influencing every department, every employee and every interaction with our customers.

With our ‘You matter’ approach, we wish to inspire people to think about what matters most to them, and to instill in them the confidence and knowledge to secure their financial futures. This also means that we take an active role in helping our customers recognise what truly matters to them in life. Our campaigns, focused on understanding the deeper motivations of individuals, and sharing what makes our customers happy, play an important role in this.

On our NN Group YouTube channel you will find – among other videos - several examples of campaigns in different countries.