FitVermogen: top investment solution in Dutch market


Two recent studies have recognised as one of the top investment solutions for private investors in the Netherlands seeking value in terms of yields and costs. is the direct distribution platform of NN funds offered by NN Investment Partners.

A study conducted by comparison site and financial media company IEX has found that investingin a neutral NN Mix fund (NN Dynamic Mix Fund III) via offers one of the lowest costs in the Dutch retail market and a shared first place in returns over seven years.

Beleggingsmatch compared our Mix fund to similar multi-asset propositions by other well-known providers. The NN Dynamic Mix Fund clearly stood out against these competitors in terms of costs (0.84% per year versus the most expensive proposition of 4.44% a year), while also offering the highest return – a shared first place – over a period of seven years.

A second study by, a comparison site for professionals such as financial advisors, has named several NN Dynamic Mix Funds in the Top 3 best investment solutions for clients. In their annual study, Advies-Check compared more than 260 investment propositions based on their risk profile and their return set against the risk taken. In almost all comparisons, several NN Mix funds reached the Top 3, when compared over a period of several years.

Ronald Sminia, director of, commented: ‘Offering customers value for money is part of our DNA. So we can be proud that has tested as one of the best investment solutions in the Dutch market.’

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