NN Group, Plastic Whale and the Water Sports Association join forces for plastic-free waters

Photo: Twycer / Het Scheepvaartmuseum

Together with Plastic Whale, NN Group and the Water Sports Association want to pay more attention to the social enterprise's mission: to make the world's waters plastic-free. Every day thousands of people in the Netherlands have fun on or in the water. At the same time, the plastic waste is increasingly polluting Dutch waters and this has major consequences for the welfare of animals. Plastic Whale wants to encourage people to contribute to the reduction of the plastic soup by fishing for plastic. The plastic is then used to make beautiful sloops and office furniture. The organisation is also committed to raising awareness about the use of plastic.

With the acquisition of Delta Lloyd in 2017, NN Group has taken over the long-standing sponsorship contract of the Water Sports Association. Because NN, as a sports sponsor, focuses on running, it was decided to redesign the sponsorship of the Watersportverbond until the end of the contract period (31 December 2020), in a different way. In order to raise awareness of Plastic Whale's activities, the logo will be displayed on various publications of the Watersportverbond. Plastic Whale, for example, will be featured on the clothing and boats of the top Dutch sailors and surfers.

Marius Smit, founder of Plastic Whale: 'This collaboration is a unique opportunity to tell more people about what we do. This initiative will make a substantial contribution to Plastic Whale's goal to fish 100,000 plastic bottles and thousands of kilos of waste plastic out of Dutch waters by the end of 2020.' 

Remco Barbier, Head of Branding at NN Group: 'In the joint campaign with Plastic Whale, we are reflecting on the importance of plastic-free waters and following the preparation of Dutch athletes of the Water Sports Association for the Olympic Games. By combining sustainability with sport in the campaign, we can reach a wide audience. We also build a sloop from collected bottles, which will then be used to fish for more plastic. Within NN, we are also looking at the possibilities for a more conscious approach to the use of plastic. Through this cooperation and the campaign, we can strengthen and connect various initiatives.’

Arno van Gerven, Director of the Water Sports Association: 'It goes without saying that the Water Sports Association is committed to clean water in the Netherlands. Of course we want to reach as many people as possible, but there is extra attention for children. Plastic Whale, for example, is present at the Optimist on Tour. Here, children between the ages of 8 and 12 can get acquainted with water sports. In the Optimist on Tour Waterlab the children learn that clean, safe and sufficient water is not self-evident.'

The employees of NN and the associations that are members of the Water Sports Association are actively involved by organising clean-up days, among other things. But more is needed to achieve the target of 100,000 plastic bottles and thousands of kilos of waste plastic. NN and the Water Sports Association therefore invite everyone to help Plastic Whale achieve their goals.

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