NN Group launches boat of recycled PET bottles

Earlier this year, NN Group joined forces with Plastic Whale. The partnership aims to raise awareness of the plastic problem. Earlier this week, the collaboration was strengthened with the launch of an NN Group boat, made from 5,000 recycled PET bottles.

Refuse, reduce, recycle

The collaboration with Plastic Whale is part of a wider programme to make NN Group’s office environment more sustainable. NN aims to raise awareness and reduce use of plastic among employees. It also wants to collaborate with suppliers for the sustainable use of – and alternatives for – plastic. The programme’s motto is: refuse, reduce, recycle.

Plastic Whale aims to inspire people to make a change through its plastic fishing trips. It also creates economic value from plastic waste. Plastic fished on the trips is turned into boats and office furniture.

As part of the partnership, Plastic Whale has built a boat with the NN Group logo. The boat is made from 5,000 recycled PET bottles and will be used on the plastic fishing trips. Earlier this week, the boat was officially launched. And NN employees went plastic fishing on the NN boat for the first time. See the video below for highlights of the launch.


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