The art of a great corporate culture

Corporate culture can make or break a business. Many corporate failings and scandals have been associated with corporate culture - think of Enron, BP, Olympus and, more recently, Toshiba, Volkswagen and Wells Fargo. A poor corporate culture is also cited as one of the main causes of the recent financial crisis. On the other hand, a healthy corporate culture leads to higher employee satisfaction and a better customer experience. Cultural components play an important role in delivering long-term business and financial success. Therefore, it is crucial for investors to understand where the main risks and opportunities lie with regards to corporate culture within the companies they invest.

For more information please download NNIP’s magazine Mindscope. In this thematic piece we outline the components of a healthy corporate culture and show how it contributes to better performance of companies. We also present two sector case studies (financial and IT sectors) and examine how corporate culture plays a role in attracting new talent. Following, we outline the most important market developments related to corporate culture, and provide examples of best practices from companies that have corporate culture high on their agenda and that are reporting on their initiatives in this area. Last but not least, we provide guidance for investors, board directors, and other players in the market to stimulate and shape a healthy corporate culture.

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