When was the last time you had a difficult conversation?

In our latest campaign, ‘The Conversation’, NN underlines the importance of talking about sensitive topics with loved ones.

In the videos, family pairs from around Europe were invited to discuss personal topics, such as health, death, and wealth. As the setup did not encourage them to look directly at each other initially, the conversations became meaningful more easily. The result was emotional and personal stories – between couples, a mother and son, an aunt and nephew, and a grandmother and granddaughter. 

Three people involved in the production of this campaign share why it is so important to have these conversations.


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Through the videos and social media posts, we inspire our audience to start having these conversations as well. Ultimately inspiring people to take care of what matters to them most through our NN products. 

This campaign has run in Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Netherlands and will soon launch in Hungary, Romania, Spain and Turkey.


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