NN in second place in Responsible Investment benchmark

Last week, the Association of Investors for Sustainable Development (VBDO) released the 'Benchmark for responsible investment by insurers 2021'. In this study, the VBDO assesses the responsible investment policy of 30 Dutch insurers in the field of governance, policy, implementation and accountability. NN's efforts have resulted in a second place in this benchmark. In 2019, NN was in third place.

As a financial services provider, NN is aware of our impact on society and therefore wants to contribute to a sustainable future. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) integration is part of our policy and climate change is an important focus area. NN therefore uses its resources and knowledge to protect the environment.  

In responsible investment, NN aims for a climate-neutral investment portfolio by 2050. As an investor, NN enters into a dialogue with companies to encourage them to reduce their emissions. In addition, NN makes a positive contribution to the energy transition by investing in climate solutions. NN also makes customers aware of climate risks with insurance and banking products, helps them to make choices for, for example, sustainable damage repair, and stimulates them to live more sustainably.

See the full VBDO report.

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