Supporting our stakeholders during the COVID-19 pandemic

At NN, we want to help ensure the well-being of our colleagues, customers and society at large during the coronavirus pandemic. Within our organisation and in the different countries that we operate in, we have launched several initiatives to help our stakeholders.

We share some examples of initiatives to support our stakeholders

  • Belgium

    • NN in Belgium is implementing sectoral initiatives such as payment deferrals and retention of cover in case of temporary unemployment to support customers impacted financially by the coronavirus crisis.

      • NN in Belgium informs its customers through its website about their products and their coverage, and the impact for investment insurance .

    Czech Republic

    • NN in Czech Republic designed a digital sales and client signature process, enabling its sales force to remotely serve customers. A video sales process has also been launched expanding the quality of customer service further.  


    • NN in Hungary has changed the repayment terms for its customers who are diagnosed with COVID-19: reimbursement starts already after 14 days instead of the regular 180 days for hospital stays.
    • In Hungary, the sales process has moved 100% online for existing customers, and is in the process of moving for new customers.


    • NN Life Japan offers free premium policy loans and has extended the moratorium period of premium payment for the SMEs that are financially impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

    The Netherlands

    • Nationale-Nederlanden’s website ‘ondernemen doe je samen’ (We do business together) shares information, expertise and tips with entrepreneurs.

    • Nationale-Nederlanden’s label HCS has developed the ‘NOW tool’, that supports entrepreneurs in calculating whether they are eligible for government unemployment support, introduced by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. 

    • Nationale-Nederlanden offers the Pay Break to customers that have difficulties paying their mortgage. They can temporarily postpone paying the monthly expense of their mortgage. This can be for a period of three months, but can also vary to being a shorter or longer period.


    • In Poland, the sales process has moved 100% online and we can serve our customers fully digitally.


    • Customers who have life insurance or additional health insurance can benefit from coverage in epidemic or pandemic situations. In addition, for our NN Health Insurance which generally excludes such a situation, NN will evaluate each request for payment of hospitalisation indemnities caused by COVID-19 and accommodate exceptions if the business context allows.
    • NN Romania supports customers who are temporarily unable to pay their insurance premiums by postponing the due date for a limited timeframe.


    • As of 1 April, NN Slovakia re-opened some regional retail stores for certain hours during the day to serve its clients. All store employees follow strict hygiene rules and wear masks. NN Slovakia is also able to serve its customers remotely for changes to existing policies or new contracts.    


    • Nationale-Nederlanden Spain’s sales process has moved 100% online and we are now able to serve both new and existing customers digitally.

      • Nationale-Nederlanden Spain keeps customers informed and engaged about different topics such as how products are performing in the current situation, new app launch, and how measures taken by the government impact our products or services.

      • Nationale-Nederlanden Spain has reinforced its customer care department to be able to effectively deal with the high number of requests from customers.  

      • Measures support customers who are in a difficult financial situation with their protection products – for example they can postpone payment for 90 days.

    NN Investment Partners

    • NN Investment Partners’ client servicing process is fully digital and can now meet customers’ needs remotely. For example, due diligence can be conducted digitally, new clients can be onboarded remotely, and clients can attend online webinars with investment committees.

  • Belgium

    • NN in Belgium is developing vlogs and webinars to support and inspire distribution partners in communicating with customers digitally.

    • NN in Belgium provides the possibility of remote distribution to its partners from Deutsche Bank.


    • NN Life Japan takes special measures for agency qualification assessment in order to help them cope with the COVID-19 environment

    • NN Life Japan provides financial support to agencies that meet specific conditions and criteria to ensure business continuity
    • NN Life Japan launched a digital sales process for some products

        The Netherlands

        • Nationale-Nederlanden holds strong relations with Dutch advisors and imposes new measures for their clients on a weekly basis based on the coronavirus crisis and how it evolves.

        • Nationale-Nederlanden gives the opportunity to clients to make a request for a deferment of premium payment for the months of March and April and to add coverage for restaurants that do home deliveries.

        • Measures were also taken for shops that launched online sales and agricultural companies starting home deliveries.


        • Nationale-Nederlanden Poland announced financial support for agents and adapted sales targets to support them, as they struggle to achieve their business goals during the coronavirus pandemic.  


        • The team of over 1,500 financial consultants in Romania has the possibility to work remotely. NN Romania has adapted its processes so the financial consultants can carry out their activities from home, remaining in constant contact with customers using digital tools.


        • NN Slovakia launched a new system for external brokers to use for new client contracts. The process is fully digital and will soon be launched for tied agents as well.


        • All post sales processes are now digital.

        • Specific measures are in place to support agents (mercantile contracts) during the coronavirus pandemic with remuneration and their objectives.

      • In all the markets where we operate, the vast majority of our employees are working from home.


        • NN Belgium covers the cost of Netflix fees for its employees for March and April 2020. 


        • NN in Bulgaria organises online cafes for employees and its sales force as a platform to share their views and give tips on how to deal with the social distancing measures. Each week, there is a different host and topic, such as activities for children, exercise and culinary tips.

        Czech Republic

        • NN in Czech Republic developed an information website offering employees psychological support, tips for working from home, yoga webinars, seminars and webcasts.

        • NN in Czech Republic developed a special website offering a variety of sessions to employees such as psychological support sessions, tips for home office and morning yoga. The sessions were offered as webinars, seminars, streams and even webcasts.


        • NN in Hungary is donating laptops to employees’ children, who do not have the necessary equipment for remote education.

          • NN in Hungary collaborates with an external partner, ICAS, to organise webinars for employees to help them deal with stress and mental challenges. Personal consultancy is also available for employees. 


        • NN Japan provides an ‘Employee Care Support’ token that employees can use for equipment and other materials to make working from home more effective. 

        The Netherlands  

        • Nationale-Nederlanden launched a vitality platform to support employees working from home, and our running ambassador Erben Wennemars recorded a video fitness series to help give colleagues an energy boost.

        • Nationale-Nederlanden has company social workers who are available for confidential conversations with employees to help them with the current situation.


        • Nationale-Nederlanden in Poland provides special psychological help and online fitness courses for employees.

        • Nationale-Nederlanden in Poland offers online courses and animations for employees’ children, as well as the possibility to rent a laptop for children to follow online education courses.


        • NN Slovakia offers its employees free online sessions with psychologists, relationship coaches or nutrition and fitness experts. It has also made consulting service available for employees.

        • NN Slovakia provides its employees with the opportunity to sign up for free COVID-19 testing in May. Tests will be conducted by an external medical team throughout the month in NN’s headquarters.


        • Nationale-Nederlanden Spain provides psychological support sessions by telephone for employees and their families to better deal with the crisis.

        • The company offers extended leave for employees in case of the death of a close relative.


        • In Turkey, NN organised an online sports activity for employees working from home.

        • NN in Turkey provides psychological support sessions via telephone.

      • Belgium

        • As part of NN Belgium’s ongoing collaboration with the University of Ghent to study the level of happiness of Belgians, we are conducting research on the impact of the coronavirus on the happiness of Belgians. This research aims to measure the mental well-being and happiness of Belgians before and after the crisis. The study results are expected at the end of May.

        Czech Republic

        • NN Czech Republic donated EUR 10,000 to its partner organisation ‘yourchance’ to support them in developing materials for home schooling, dealing with loss of income, and directly helping with teaching in orphanages.

        • NN Czech Republic partnered with Krása pomoci non-profit organisation to support the elderly through financial support and through NN employees volunteering to distribute food purchases and face masks to the elderly in Prague.

        • NN Czech Republic organised an employee challenge to provide masks to care homes,

        • NN Czech Republic 3D-printed protective face shields.

        • NN Czech Republic provided financial and personal assistance to the elderly – the group most vulnerable to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic:
        • Donation of 200 000 CZK to The Beauty of Help Foundation

        • Computer donations to support children with home schooling

        • Employees donated their cafeteria benefit points amounting CZK 100,000 to The Beauty of Help Foundation
        • Employees sent online postcards to 256 seniors

        • We delivered 14,300 orange tulips to senior care homes across the whole country 


        • NN Hellas made a donation to support the Greek national health system’s efforts related to the coronavirus pandemic. This amount was originally reserved for the celebrations of 40 years of NN Hellas’ presence in Greece, which have been cancelled due to the coronavirus crisis.

        • NN Hellas in collaboration with JA Greece, offers to 500 more students from all over Greece home access to the digital programme ‘My career’. At the same time, NN Hellas will donate, through a draw, tablets to those who declare participation to the programme, helping to cover their needs in technological equipment.


        • NN in Hungary will launch a video series on Facebook featuring well-known psychologists to help people handle distress and mental challenges.

        The Netherlands

        • Nationale-Nederlanden donated EUR 150,000 to Voedselbanken Nederland, the association of Dutch food banks, in order to help the food supply to continue.

        • Nationale-Nederlanden launched the campaign ‘de Helden van Nederland’ as a platform for people to show their appreciation for their heroes during the coronavirus pandemic.

        • The Dutch Association of Insurers, of which NN is a member, donated money to ZWiC, a foundation that financially supports healthcare workers who were hospitalised in intensive care, incapacitated or who passed away due to the coronavirus.


        • Nationale-Nederlanden Poland joined forces with AXA, Generali and Unum to transfer EUR 88,000 for the Central Clinical Hospital of MSWiA in Warsaw, the main hospital for infectious diseases that treats patients suspected of having the coronavirus.

        • Together with NN TFI and Notus, Nationale-Nederlanden Poland joined a program to finance SARS-CoV-2 tests implemented by Warsaw Genomics.  

        • Nationale-Nederlanden Poland and the Academy (an organisation that supports local communities) joined forces to provide grants supporting grassroots charitable initiatives that reach local communities.


        • NN Romania donated over EUR 200,000 for ventilators and breathing monitors, vital for treating critically ill patients affected by coronavirus. The donation will benefit a hospital designated as the support centre in treating Covid-19 in Romania.


        • NN Slovakia’s Foundation ‘NN for People’ supported Slovak doctors in the cities of Bratislava and Kosice, by donating 200 respirators (type FFP3)  


        • Nationale-Nederlanden Spain donated EUR 20,000 to Aldeas Infantiles SOS to support their efforts in helping 201 children who attend their daycare centres in Madrid and their families for 10 days. Educators help the families by monitoring schoolwork and suggesting activities during the lockdown, monitoring family dynamics and providing psychological aid, healthcare and food. Aldeas Infantiles also opened a special donation page for employees and customers to support Aldeas Infantiles SOS.

          • Nationale-Nederlanden Spain financially supports the UNESPA initiative, among other companies, to create collective life insurance for hospital staff and clinicians during the coronavirus pandemic. With the fund, valued at EUR 37 million, UNESPA will subscribe a collective life policy and hospitalisation subsidy insurance for an estimated 700,000 healthcare professionals.


        • NN Turkey made a donation to support the campaign of the Turkish Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services to help combat the coronavirus.


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