NN and Mauritshuis extend cooperation 

NN has been the proud main partner of the Mauritshuis in The Hague for five years. This successful collaboration has been extended for the next three years. The celebration of 200 years of the Mauritshuis museum in 2022 will provide an opportunity to continue to attract a new and younger target group through creative concepts and innovations. NN will support anniversary projects during the year. 

Mauritshuis 200 years 

In 2022, the Mauritshuis will celebrate its 200th anniversary as a museum. NN and the Mauritshuis are celebrating this anniversary extensively. In the summer there are two exhibitions: Hello Vermeer! for families and the photography exhibition Flash/Back in which the renowned Dutch photographers create new work, inspired by the Mauritshuis collection. Outside the walls of the museum, the exhibition Mauritshuis Murals/Muȃhtjes showcases the work of world famous street artists in different districts of The Hague. The artists will create new masterpieces inspired by the Mauritshuis collection. 

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A successful partnership

In 2020, Rembrandt Reality, the app created as part of the partnership between NN and the Mauritshuis, was awarded two SpinAwards, an important prize for digital campaigns and cases. The app was also nominated for the international Webby Awards. In 2017, the partnership between NN and the Mauritshuis was awarded the Bronze SponsorRing. 

Dailah Nihot, member of the Management Board of NN Group: 'We have been a proud partner of the Mauritshuis for five years and we look forward to continuing our collaboration over the next three years. Special and innovative concepts such as the Rembrandt Reality app, the musical project View the Mauritshuis with your ears, and the digital fragrance tour Fleeting - Scents in Colour fit in well with our goal to help make art and culture accessible to everyone, and thus make a positive contribution to society.' 

Martine Gosselink, managing director of the Mauritshuis: 'Both NN and the Mauritshuis are all about people. After all, without an audience, our paintings do not come to life. Only when we make the story behind that age-old art public and relevant will something happen. NN and the Mauritshuis understand that art connects. Because the needs, wants and emotions of the people in our paintings are basically not that different from ours now. And if they do differ, that is also interesting. By examining these changes, we understand our own time better. The key question "what really matters?" applies to NN and the Mauritshuis. And together we enjoy all the beauty that has been produced by our country. That is why this extension is a confirmation of our valuable cooperation.' 

Dailah Nihot (left) and Martine Gosselink (right)

Cultural sponsorship

NN wants to make a positive contribution to society, by helping people to care for what matters most to them and by being socially involved. NN has a long history of cultural sponsorship, with the aim of making art and culture accessible to a wide audience. For example, NN invests in projects with Dutch museums and artists. This is reflected in the support of a diverse number of exhibitions and by purchasing artworks for the company's own collection. In addition to being the main sponsor of the Mauritshuis in The Hague, NN is also an exhibition partner of the Kunstmuseum in The Hague and a corporate partner of the Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam. 

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