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NN technology leaders take the stage at The Next Web

NN Group’s Chief Information Officer (CIO), Rob Visser and Chief Customer & Commerce Officer (CCO), Lieke Luttmer spoke at leading tech conference The Next Web in Amsterdam. 

In their session “Revolutionising customer experience with tech”, Rob and Lieke talked about how we are harnessing innovative technologies like AI and ChatGPT to modernise customer experience and revolutionise insurance. 

NN's purpose is to help people care for what matters most to them. This means offering customers trust and peace of mind by being there for them during the big moments in life. Technology can power this by making their experience easier and more frictionless. 

An example of this is our automatic call logging tool (ACL), which supports our customer service colleagues by summarising their calls with customers, which is normally done manually. With over two million calls logged each year (3.5 minutes per call), using AI to create these summaries enables our employees to simply perform a check and make more time to support our customers. 

During their talk, Rob and Lieke emphasised the role of cyber security and skills to implement such technologies in a responsible way. Cyber criminality is prevalent in society and with the right knowledge we are equipped to manage such risks. In addition, NN works with a "guilds” concept, whereby colleagues who are an expert in their field share their knowledge with others in their field, for example in data and engineering. Because as Rob and Lieke explained, it is not only great technology that creates great results, but great people. 

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