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Statement about NN Group's legal predecessors

Research into NN Group’s legal predecessors 

NN Group’s (NN) legal predecessors were founded in 1845. Earlier research has not tied NN’s legal predecessors to any slave-related activities. Yet, NN has grown and evolved with time, acquiring several companies including Delta Lloyd in 2017.

In 2021, NN commissioned the International Institute of Social History (IISH) to conduct preliminary research to investigate if any acquired companies had been involved in slave-related activities. This preliminary research focused on all legal predecessors, including cooperating insurance offices, authorised agents and insurance brokers from before 1880.

Slave-related activities identified at two legal predecessors

The outcome of the preliminary research indicated that two of Delta Lloyd’s legal predecessors – de Assurantie Compagnie of 1771 and de Hollandsche Societeit van Levensverzekeringen – have been involved with activities such as insuring slave ships and/or plantations, insurance solutions of the production of goods, and investing in plantations and/or slave ships.

Based on these findings, NN is commissioning further independent research to investigate the scope of these activities. We believe it is important to understand the history of all our legal predecessors and share the findings. This will enable us to contribute to the current public debate about the history of slavery in the Netherlands and enhance our understanding of the role insurers played in the 18th and 19th century. Moreover, the findings of this research will enable us to share a more inclusive story of NN’s history and communicate transparently about it with stakeholders.

Independent scientific research by the International Institute of Social History

After engaging with the IISH, NN has requested an additional scientific study into de Assurantie Compagnie of 1771. The former insurer has a complete, historical archive which will enable a thorough analysis of de Assurantie of Compagnie 1771 and its partners, to what extent they were involved in slave-related activities and the impact of these activities.

This research will be conducted with the utmost respect and thoroughness. This study will be carried out by a PhD candidate in collaboration with IISH. On 3 April 2023, the PhD candidate will start with the research that will last for four years. In 2027, all findings will be made publicly available.

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