Creating value for our customers

We do business with the future in mind and contribute to a world where people can thrive for many generations to come. We do this in our various roles as an insurer, pension provider and bank. In the long term, we want to create value for our company, our customers and other stakeholders, and not just focus on short-term profits. We want to contribute to a sustainable economy and a better society, in which everyone feels included.

Creating products and services that add social and environmental value

Facing today’s challenges like climate change, we believe our business has a role to play in the transition to a sustainable economy. Through our products and services, we want to have a positive social and environmental impact and contribute to the well-being of people, the planet and society. We do this by creating products and services that add environmental and social value, and by engaging with customers on these topics.

We create products and services that add environmental value, for example by providing solutions for our customers for challenges around sustainable living, mobility, and climate change related risks. Examples are our sustainable mortgage provider Woonnu or our platform Powerly helping home owners having an energy-efficient home.

Hello Mobility, supports fleet owners improve the driving style of their drivers, thereby reducing damages, fuel consumption and increasing road safety. We insure electric vehicles, and NN Belgium offers a specific insurance for E-Bikes.  We also are a partner of, with whom we have developed a climate change prevention scan for SME companies.

Also through our pension products, we want to address environmental challenges. For example BeFrank launched the first  carbon neutral pension fund in The Netherlands. We also launched the first ESG pension fund in Slovakia. Netherland Life online platform the Human Capital Planner (HCP) provides employers and pension advisors with relevant insights and tools. In 2021, we added insights on the sustainability impact of invested premiums. The HCP also provides customers with a dashboard showing them the impact of their life cycle investments in terms of CO2 reduction, water savings and waste reduction.

We create products and services that add social value by reaching out to more vulnerable groups in society or by creating products and services that address a specific issue. We offer for example specific help to customers who are of might become in financial distress. We also support a carefree retirement by offering platforms such as Zorggenoot, which helps customers take care of their relatives or arrange the services they need.

We promote health and wellbeing, including critical illness products in CEE in parallel with cancer awareness and prevention campaigns An example is ‘ForYouWoman’, available in Spain. This is a community platform specially designed for women. More than financial support, it offers information about the prevention and treatment of breast and genital cancer. We offer a similar concept in Poland.

Customer feedback

Our customers are the starting point of everything we do. From students and young professionals to business owners and pensioners, we support our customers in the key moments in their lives and help them deal with expected as well as unforeseen changes. We aim to do this by developing appropriately priced financial products and services which meet the needs of our customers through each phase of their lives.

With products and services that are convenient and simple to use, anytime and anywhere, we help our customers care for what matters most to them.

We engage with our customers to meet their real needs and to offer solutions that create long-term value.  We focus on several key metrics, which are combined in what we refer to as the Global Brand Health Monitor (GBHM). The GBHM is used to track how our brand is perceived externally, and gain insights into brand performance and development over time.  To learn more about our customers’ satisfaction and loyalty, we use the relational Net Promoter Score (NPS).

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