Managing our environmental footprint

We aim to effectively manage our environmental footprint by reducing our use of natural resources, seeking green alternatives and compensating for the remainder of our carbon emissions. Making responsible choices in our procurement contributes to this.

As a services company, we don’t consume as many natural resources as an industrial company would. Nevertheless, we have a responsibility to approach the environment with care.  NN Group is carbon neutral.

To reduce our use of natural resources we focus on energy, paper and waste. The introduction of a new, more flexible way of working is a factor contributing to us becoming a more sustainable organisation.


Another way to reduce our environmental footprint is by seeking green alternatives in our procurement process. NN Group is a signatory of the Sustainability Manifesto, which declares that we apply environmental and social criteria to our procurement process and will notify potential suppliers of the application of these criteria.

At NN, we include a sustainability chapter in our procurement policy referring to the UN Global Compact principles and continuously work on their implementation. Engagement with our suppliers is an important element in our approach going forward.

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