Ratings and facts & figures

Our policies and practices are regularly assessed by independent organisations. Below an overview of how they rate NN Group.

Organisation Rating
S&P Global NN Group is included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI), both the World and Europe index. We rank amongst the top 10% of our sector with regards to our sustainability performance. In the 2019 assessment, we scored 78 (out of 100), compared to an industry average of 47.
Euronext-Vigeo Eiris Eurozone 120 NN Group is included in the Euronext-Vigeo Eiris Eurozone 120 index, that is composed of the 120 highest ranking listed companies in the Eurozone as valued by Vigeo Eiris in terms of performance in corporate responsibility. We are a new constituent as of June 2018.
FTSE4Good NN Group is included in the FTSE4Good Index Series that recognises the performance of companies demonstrating strong Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices. We score a 4.9 (out of 5).
CDP Every year, we provide data on our carbon performance to CDP. For our 2019 input, we are graded with a C by CDP.
AODP The Asset Owners Disclosure Project (AODP) rates insurers on their approach to climate-related risks and opportunities. In 2018, NN Group was ranked 12th out of the world’s 80 largest insurance companies.
Sustainalytics In 2019, global responsible investment research form Sustainalytics ranked NN Group 4th (out of 254). This score qualifies us for a ‘Leader’ rating within the Insurance industry.
ISS ESG research In 2019, ISS ESG research – formally known as Oekom, rated NN Group with an overall grade of C+ (Prime). Prime status means that we fulfil ISS ESG’s demanding requirements regarding sustainability performance in our sector.

Dutch sustainability ratings

VBDO The Dutch Association of Investors for Sustainable Development (VBDO) publishes a Benchmark Responsible Investment by Insurance Companies. In the 2019 edition, NN was ranked in joint third place in the benchmark (out of 29 insurance companies in the Netherlands).
The VBDO also publishes a Tax Transparency Benchmark that focuses specifically on corporate disclosure of tax procedures and practices. In 2019, NN Group was ranked first place (out of 77 Dutch listed companies).
Transparency Benchmark The Dutch Transparency Benchmark is carried out by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. In 2019, this benchmark introduced a new methodology. NN Group score of 50% (out of 100%) represents a 78th position out of 240 companies.

Facts & figures

Excellent customer experience
Metric Target 2020 Results 2018 Results 2019
Net Promoter Score (NPS) Improve relational NPS +5 points +1.5 points
Engaged employees
Metric Target 2020 Results 2019 Results 2018
Women in senior management roles At least 30% 36% 33%
Employee engagement as measured by Peakon Continue to strengthen employee engagement score 7.4 7.1
Positive contribution to society
Metric Target 2020 Results 2019 Results 2018
Assets under Management in sustainable and impact strategies Increase EUR 22.7bn EUR 16.5bn
CO2 emissions direct footprint/FTE Reduction of 3% per year/FTE -14% -6%
Number of young people reached through NN Future Matters programme At least 100,000 138,358* 112,937*
Part of top 10% best performing companies in our sector (measured by sustainability/ESG rating agencies) Included in DJSI Leader in insurance sector Sustainalytics 78 (Included) 4/254 (Leader) 77 (Included) 1/146 (Leader)

*Cumulative since the start of the programme

Group medium-term financial targets
Metric Target 2020 Results 2019 Results 2018
Cost reduction in EUR million* EUR ~400 million cost reduction compared with 2016 full-year expense base 360 289
Annual earnings growth (CAGR) Annual earnings growth of 5-7% on average in the medium term** +6% (FY17-FY19) 3% (FY17-FY18)

* In total for the following units: Netherlands Life, Netherlands Non-life, Belgium, Asset Management, Banking and Corporate/Holding entities, excluding acquisitions as from 2019.

** Annual growth rate of operating result before tax on average in the medium term; based on 2017 operating result.

An overview of our key financial and non-financial indicators (2017-2019) can be found in the section Facts & figures in the 2019 Annual Review.

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