Governance of responsible investment

NN Group has set up a Responsible Investment (RI) governance structure to facilitate multi-disciplinary discussions and exchange of information between the right people at the right time. The various bodies within the RI Governance have specific mandates to enable them to (ultimately) effectively advice the MB on the policy and restrictions, as well as take the necessary decisions on the practical application and implementation of the policy. The key bodies are:

NN ESG Policy Committee

The NN ESG Policy Committee evaluates and monitors progress on the RI ambition. The NN ESG Policy Committee is chaired by the NN Group Management Board Member who is responsible for Investment Management and comprised of the Chief Investment Officers of NN Group and NN Investment Partners (NN IP), the Chief Sustainability Officer of NN IP, and representation of NN Group Corporate Citizenship. The NN ESG Policy Committee gives advice to the NN Group Management Board about its positioning on Responsible Investment and has an advisory role on NN Group RI-related policies and the restricted list. 

NN Paris Alignment Council

The NN Paris Alignment Council develops and oversees the approach of aligning the proprietary investment portfolio to the Paris Agreement goals. This includes defining related action plans and targets, as well as monitoring of progress. This Council is chaired by the NN Group Chief Investment Officer, and includes representatives of NN Group staff, as well as NN IP.  

Additionally, NN IP has its own governance bodies to support the implementation of the responsible investment policies and activities. In this governance structure, both the NN IP ESG Committee and the Controversy and Engagement Council have an important role in making recommendations and decisions related to our policies and the engagement process.

Our values

Our Seven Responsible Investment Principles

NNIP's voting activity for Client and Proprietary Assets


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