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How NN uses AI to check fraud risks and injury claims

Tjeerd Bosklopper, CEO Netherlands Non-life, Banking & Technology at NN Group, gave a keynote address at ITC DIA Europe on 28 June on NN's responsible use of artificial intelligence (AI) in insurance.  

NN's ambition is to be an industry leader known for customer engagement, talented people and contribution to society. In his session, Tjeerd shared that technology is key to delivering on this vision and it has the potential to solve many challenges in the insurance industry. For example, NN uses ChatGPT to generate summaries of customer service calls, which are usually created manually. By automating this process, our colleagues only need to perform a check, saving them time to focus on helping our customers.  

Another way we are using AI is in fraud risk detection, where our Fraud Risk Model (FRM) identifies various levels of potential risk for our colleagues to investigate. Finally, our Bodily Injury claims division uses machine learning to support claim handlers with lump-sum reserve estimations, as well as ChatGPT to summarise incoming emails, saving essential time on administration. 

The tools are in our hands: they are trained by humans, and if there is a mistake, the humans are still responsible

Despite the opportunities presented by such technologies, their risks are undeniable, and as such must be addressed with a strong ethical framework. NN has established an ethical framework to put necessary safeguards in place, and uses a closed ChatGPT environment solely for NN colleagues. 

We have been in the business of trust for more than 100 years, and want to be for another 100

NN is committed to sustainable and ethical use of technology, maintaining the trust of our customers throughout almost 180 years. We believe that with the combination of humans and technology, we can build better decision making and customer experience. 

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