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How technology makes it easier to claim your pet's medical bill

At NN, we are using data and technology to give customers smoother processes, enabling them to save time and focus on what matters most to them. One recent example is how we have used automation to simplify claims handling for our OHRA pet insurance customers.

Pet insurance by OHRA

Pets are important members of many families, so when they fall ill you want them to have the best medical care. In many countries, medical costs for animals can quickly become expensive. But in the Netherlands, the OHRA pet insurance can help to keep these costs predictable.

Innovate to compensate

Traditionally, customers submit their claim through an online portal where an automatised system handles the claim, based on the information received from the customer. During the Covid-19 pandemic many families adopted a pet, resulting in a growth of OHRA pet insurance policies and claims, almost double the amount in 2022.

To avoid an increase in processing costs, we needed to increase the number of claims processed automatically. We did this using optical character recognition(OCR) technology, which makes it possible to read the invoice regardless the design of the invoice or the quality of the photo, through computer vision. For OHRA customers this means that they only need to submit an image of their invoice and no longer have to fill in a form.

Results show that our customers appreciate this innovation. The customer effort score (CES) -a metric we use to measure a product’s ease of use for customers - decreased to 1.2 (2020: 2.2) showing customers find it much easier to submit their claim. In addition, customer satisfaction rose to 9.2 (2020: 7.4). The innovation has also helped us to become more efficient: the straight through process (STP ) - meaning the claim gets processed without human intervention - increased to 60% (2020: 35%).

Overall, this innovation has improved the customer journey of OHRA pet insurance to become one of the best in class of all OHRA products.

Read more about OHRA’s pet insurance on their website.

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