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Nationale-Nederlanden Bank and Woonnu join European sustainability initiatives

Today, Nationale-Nederlanden Bank and subsidiary Woonnu have joined the EEMI (Energy Efficient Mortgages Initiative) and EEML (Energy Efficient Mortgage Label), both of which aim to make the mortgage market and mortgage investments more sustainable. The EEMI is the direct point of contact for the European Commission and represents the European mortgage sector. The EEML shows consumers, financiers and investors in a transparent way that the loans granted by a financial institution contribute to making the built environment more sustainable.

Marcel Zuidam, CEO Nationale-Nederlanden Bank: 'Nationale-Nederlanden Bank is actively working to enable a sustainable housing market for our customers and thus contribute to realising the commitment of the financial sector to the Dutch climate agreement. By joining the EEMI and EEML initiative, we can actively contribute to developing sustainable investments in energy-efficient mortgage loans at Nationale-Nederlanden Bank and our sustainable mortgage label Woonnu.'

Patricia Plass, CEO Woonnu: 'Sustainable mortgages are the DNA of Woonnu. By targeting consumers, financial intermediaries and investors, we have created a platform that is fully focused on supporting customers in making their homes more sustainable. We are gaining further insights into what works best from the perspective of the customer and intermediary. We look forward to sharing this experience with the other members of EEMI, both at the European and national level through the EEMI NL Hub.'

Sustainability of the financial sector

With the European Green Deal in place to achieve the objectives set out in the Paris Agreement, the European Commission and the various supervisors have put sustainable finance on the agenda. In addition, the market for sustainable financing has grown significantly in recent years. Almost all institutions and governments issuing capital market bonds have started issuing ‘green’ bonds. These are bonds that meet specific sustainability criteria that allow investors to include them as green investments in their portfolios. The goal is to include the requirements of the EEML. As one of the first participating banks, Nationale-Nederlanden Bank will make an active contribution to further developing the EEML.

About EEMI and EEML

EEMI is the European Commission's direct point of contact and represents the European mortgage sector. With the connection, Nationale-Nederlanden Bank and Woonnu proactively participate in discussions about regulations and other developments in the field of mortgage sustainability. In addition, Woonnu is one of the initiators of the EEMI NL Hub: the platform that contributes to the development and implementation of energy efficient mortgages at a national level. In February 2021, the European Mortgage Federation introduced the EEML and 24 institutions from 11 countries have now joined.

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About Nationale-Nederlanden Bank

NN Group is an international financial services company, active in 11 countries, with a strong presence in a number of European countries and Japan. With all its employees, the Group provides retirement services, pensions, insurance, banking and investments to approximately 18 million customers. NN Group includes Nationale-Nederlanden, NN, ABN AMRO Insurance, Movir, AZL, BeFrank, OHRA and Woonnu. NN Group is listed on Euronext Amsterdam (NN).