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NN Group actively contributing to biodiversity initiatives

At NN Group we actively participate in international sustainability initiatives as it enables us to leverage our resources to create a positive impact on society and the environment. In the area of biodiversity, Nature Action 100 and the Finance for Biodiversity Foundation are two examples of such partnerships. 

Finance for Biodiversity Foundation: Biodiversity-climate nexus guide
NN Group plays an active role in the Finance for Biodiversity Foundation. Its goal is to support a call to action and collaboration among financial institutions to reverse nature loss this decade. We have contributed to a new guide on how to manage the biodiversity and climate nexus in investments and lending. The guide helps financial institutions integrate biodiversity into their climate change strategies and offers practical recommendations and sector examples to manage the relationship between biodiversity and climate change in investments. 

Collective engagement initiative Nature Action 100
In September, NN Group joined Nature Action 100, a global investor-led initiative working to drive the necessary corporate action to reverse nature loss. Through Nature Action 100, 190 investor participants will engage directly with 100 companies in key sectors around the world. NN will lead and/or actively participate in a selected number of engagements to advance the investor expectations identified by Nature Action 100. 

Protecting and restoring biodiversity and ecosystems through our investments
Jelle van der Giessen, Chief Investment Officer of NN Group: “As a company, we want to contribute to the well-being of people and planet. To this end, we recognise the importance of integrating biodiversity into our investment strategies and active ownership activities. That is why NN Group has contributed to a guide that helps financial institutions understand the connection between climate change and nature. To further our efforts in protecting and restoring biodiversity and ecosystems through our investments, we also joined Nature Action 100. Collaboration with other investors enables us to leverage our collective knowledge and influence, driving change and encouraging companies to improve their biodiversity impact and practices more effectively."