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Using data and AI to better serve our customers


Read about how NN Group is using new technology like AI to continuously improve customer experience.


At NN, we want to be known for our customer engagement. We want to offer solutions that create long-term value, and use our data and digital capabilities to further enhance customer experience.

As a result, we invest in new technology to drive data-driven decision making. For example, our data science guild (a community of colleagues who develop their shared craft to the highest-possible level) ensures our capabilities are at their best, and we apply data and AI to improve customer experience and process efficiency.

AI is a powerful tool that can be used to measure interactions, troubleshoot problems, and enhance digital channels. Ultimately this enables us to better understand and meet our customers' needs.

Piloting new technologies

NN has recently been piloting a new Azure OpenAI service, which can be used to optimise our processes that involve unstructured text. By better understanding the context of unstructured text, we can further increase the efficiency and accuracy of our insurance and banking processes through automation. For example, by summarising customer conversations or claim-related situations, we can automate and therefore handle claims faster. The technology is also effective with the Dutch language, which is not the case for many new technologies. The optimal use for Dutch text offers many automation opportunities for NN and other Dutch-based corporates.

This case was mentioned during the 2022 edition of Build, Microsoft's conference for developers, on 24 May.