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White Paper: Biodiversity approach for our investments

At NN Group, we recognise the urgent need to address biodiversity loss. With the publication today of our white paper: Biodiversity approach for our investments’ we update our stakeholders on our progress and initiatives to address biodiversity loss for our proprietary investments.

Biodiversity, or the variety of life on our planet, is declining at an unprecedented rate. Healthy ecosystems provide essential services such as food, clothing, and medicines, and more than half of global GDP depends on nature and its ecosystems. Deteriorating ecosystems pose a severe risk to our society and economy.

The white paper provides an overview of all our efforts to protect and restore biodiversity, highlighting the initiatives we have taken to integrate biodiversity in our investment strategies. We also describe the impact assessment we have conducted for our proprietary corporate investment portfolio, and how biodiversity fits with our ongoing work. We believe that collaboration and innovation within our company and the broader financial industry are key drivers in achieving our future goals. By sharing our approach, we aim to inspire and encourage others to join us in preserving the environment and promoting biodiversity for future generations.

Jelle van der Giessen, Chief Investment Officer at NN Group: “As part of our responsible investment strategy, and as a signatory of the Finance for Biodiversity Pledge, we are committed to contribute to the conservation and restoration of biodiversity. The global economy depends on the healthy functioning of ecosystems, which is why the loss of biodiversity could have long term implications for our investments. With this paper we want to share our knowledge and insights of both the social economic, as well as financial risk associated with biodiversity loss.”

NN Group is committed to promoting the protection and restoration of biodiversity and ecosystems through our financing activities and investments. We are involved in several working groups through the Finance for Biodiversity Foundation. In 2023, we joined the collaborative engagement programs Nature Action 100 and Ceres Valuing Water Finance Initiative, to strengthen our efforts in protecting and restoring biodiversity and ecosystems through our investments. In the coming years, biodiversity and water will be an important focus area, and we are participating in various initiatives to strengthen engagement in these areas.

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