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NN Group publishes first D&I Report

Rotterdam Pride

NN Group has published its first Diversity and Inclusion report, which states our mission, progress and diversity figures. It underlines our approach, where we stand and what we do, as well as sharing insights from colleagues around the world who are leading by example. 

This report follows the publication of our Diversity & Inclusion Statement in 2020. In 2021, we took action to further embed and strengthen our D&I efforts within NN. 

Highlights from the report 

The report shares highlights in three main areas: 

  • How local input drives change: We have local D&I ambassadors across 11 countries, who discuss, challenge and inspire each other on D&I-related topics. 
  • Collaboration is key: We see D&I as a joint effort, to talk with people and not about them. Colleagues collaborate within networks such as NN Pride, NN Neurodiversity and NN Young Professionals. 
  • Measuring what matters: Although we do not believe that people fit into boxes, our workforce data provides us with insights to further improve our actions. For example, we saw that 34% of women held senior management positions, on our way to our KPI of 40% by 2023. 

Diversity at NN 

Our approach to diversity and inclusion is simple: it is about embracing everyone. Together we build an environment in which people feel welcome, valued, and respected. A company where our colleagues can bring their whole selves to work, where an inclusive customer experience is the status quo, and where we contribute to the well-being of our communities. 

You can download the report on our Diversity & Inclusion page.