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We aim to effectively manage our environmental footprint by reducing our use of natural resources, seeking green alternatives and compensating for the remainder of our carbon emissions.  To offset our CO2 emissions, we work together with social venture Climate Neutral Group. Their goal is to achieve a 100% climate neutral world by helping organisations make the transition to a climate neutral business, and to develop climate neutral products and services for their clients.

A significant part of our CO2 emissions is caused by business travel. The emissions of the air travel industry now contribute to about 2% of human caused CO2 emissions. These emissions occur at high altitude and cause higher greenhouse effect when combined with a number of other pollutants. In order to get more insight into our air travel behaviour, we asked the Climate Neutral Group to perform a Travel Scan. This scan provides a detailed overview of all flights booked by NN Group employees and the greenhouse gas emissions caused by these flights.

The Climate Neutral Group concluded their scan with examples of actions that hold potential for reducing carbon emissions. They identified four areas for reduction of CO2 emissions: reducing business class flights; using the train for short trips; booking more efficient flights; and replacing trips with video conferencing.

Additionally, the Climate Neutral Group highlights reduction potential by showing how the implementation of certain measures - such as replacing short distance flights with train travel, or selecting flights with lower carbon emissions - can lead to lower CO2 emissions. We will use the results from the Travel Scan as a tool to work towards further reduction of our emissions from air travel, and as input for the management of our environmental footprint.

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