Engaging employees

At NN Group, we consider it vital to the success of our company to foster an open, safe, inclusive and stimulating working environment for our employees.

Training and development

Qualified and motivated staff are essential for us to offer our clients high-quality service. We are also aware that they require a good employer. It is for these reasons that we offer amongst others a wide range of training and development programmes.

Diversity and inclusion

We believe an inclusive workforce allows us as a company to better serve our customers. NN Group employs a variety of nationalities, languages and cultures, and we aim to create an environment where diversity can flourish. We endorse a culture that welcomes and respects everyone and creates room for full engagement and makes innovation happen.

Employee engagement

To measure where we stand in our mission to be a good employer, we regularly ask our staff to participate in surveys. These surveys ask employees how engaged they are with the company, their team and their manager and provide valuable insight on what we are doing right and where we can improve.

Sustainable working environment

We want colleagues to feel at home in our company. That is why a sustainable working environment is an important theme for us as an employer, and why we have sustainable policies and practices in place. For example, we make sure that our ecological footprint is as small as possible. We do this by investing in energy-saving measures for our offices, seeking green alternatives and we support our colleagues in choosing commuting options that are as sustainable as possible. We compensate the remainder of our emissions by purchasing voluntary (gold standard) carbon credits making NN carbon neutral since 2007. We also stimulate our colleagues to make their own sustainable choices. Read more about our ratings and facts & figures.

Health & Vitality

At NN, we empower our colleagues to be their best. Being healthy and energetic enables you to cope better with change, stay focused and concentrate on what is important. Vitality revolves around the balance between body, mind and social connection, which works differently for everyone. But vitality is always about energy. Energy that recharges or challenges you to get the best out of yourself. By offering a diverse range of activities, information and our Health & Vitality policy, we want to stimulate and inspire colleagues. This way, colleagues can continue to work with pleasure and energy, now and in the future. Read more, including examples from our international business units, in our vision on vitality & well-being.


Privacy statement

Your privacy is important to NN and we take protecting your personal data seriously. We explain how we collect, use and protect personal data in our privacy statements. Our Privacy Statement for Employees describes how we use and protect the data of our employees. Our Privacy Statement for Applicants of NN Group (see list below) applies to the processing of data during the recruitment and selection procedure, including pre-employment screening.

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