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Over the years, our businesses – Nationale-Nederlanden, NN and NN Investment Partners – have built leading positions in Europe and Japan. In 2014, these businesses came together under the holding name NN Group.

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NN Group wants to be known as the ‘You matter’ company: a people-oriented, relatable, and authentic service provider in the long-term financial planning industry. We want our customers to have an experience with our company that lives up to the promise we make. Therefore, ‘You matter’ is not just a slogan; it defines what we do at NN, influencing every department, every employee and every interaction with our customers.

With our ‘You matter’ approach, we wish to inspire people to think about what matters most to them. This also means that we take an active role in helping our customers recognise what truly matters to them in life. Our campaigns, focused on understanding the deeper motivations of individuals, and sharing what makes our customers happy, play an important role in this.

We share examples of campaigns in our different markets on NN Group YouTube channel

All our brands

Nationale-Nederlanden is the main brand name we use in our home market, the Netherlands.

In the Netherlands, Nationale-Nederlanden is a financial services company that serves approximately five million retail and corporate customers. It has provided insurance, pensions and banking products since the 19th century.

The Nationale-Nederlanden brand name is also used by our insurance companies in Poland and Spain.




NN is the brand name we use for most of our international insurance businesses (except in Poland and Spain).

We have insurance activities in Europe and Japan. Our international insurance business builds on a strong foundation of more than 11 million customers, a widespread distribution base with a well-developed tied agent channel, and strong partnerships.

Belgium: https://www.nn.be/en

Bulgaria: https://www.nnbulgaria.com/en/

Czech Republic; https://pojistovna.nn.cz/

Greece: https://www.nnhellas.gr/en/

Hungary: https://www.nn.hu/

Japan: https://www.nnlife.co.jp/

Romania: https://www.nn.ro/acasa

Slovakia: https://poistovna.nn.sk/

Turkey: https://www.nnhayatemeklilik.com.tr/

NN Investment Partners (NN IP) manages assets of both retail and institutional clients, as well as NN Group’s own insurance companies and clients. While we have Dutch roots and the Netherlands is our main investment hub, we offer our products and services globally with a local presence in 15 countries.


OHRA was founded in 1925, and was originally known as Onderlinge ziektekostenverzekeringsfonds van Hoogere RijksAmbtenaren (Mutual health insurance for senior civil servants). We serve about 800,000 customers with non-life insurance products, and offer services and packages directly to clients. Therefore, OHRA is called a ‘direct writer’.



We have been a disability insurer for independent professionals for over 100 years. Professionals like to work and live healthily. Team Movir is ready to make professionals one step better every day, for example with coaching. In the event of occupational disability, we prepare a reintegration plan and, of course, we provide benefits. We sell our insurance policies through independent financial advisors.


For more than 50 years, AZL has provided advice on and handled the administration of dozens of pension funds that together have a total of 1.5 million members. Pension funds, employers, and their employees strive to achieve optimal and future-proof collective pensions. We facilitate this shared effort. In the fast-changing world of pensions, working together is essential: it enables you to do more, learn from each other, and spread costs and risks. This ensures that everybody benefits. Thanks to our substantial knowledge of the world of pensions, our wealth of experience, and our drive to work in a precise and dedicated manner, we perfectly administer dozens of unique pension schemes. We are the experts in handling changes thanks to our intensive collaboration with a number of clients, so that we can find answers to their specific questions.


BeFrank is a modern online pension provider in the Netherlands.

In 2011, BeFrank were the first to enter the Dutch market for ‘premium pension institutions’ (PPI). A PPI is set up to administer collective defined contribution pension schemes. Such schemes are characterised by the fact that the ultimate pension benefit will depend on the performance of the investments. A PPI pension is part of the so called second pension pillar in the Netherlands (the state pension represents the first pillar and voluntary pension savings the third pillar).


ABN AMRO Verzekeringen is a joint venture of NN Group N.V. and ABN AMRO Bank N.V.

We combine the best of both worlds: the insurance knowledge of NN Group and the first-rate service and advice provided by ABN AMRO Bank. We serve over a million customers through ABN AMRO Bank’s distribution network and provide a high-quality, fast and reliable service. We focus on standardised, modular insurance solutions for individual and commercial customers.


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Our main brands