Public and Government Affairs

NN Group commits to being transparent on the core topics that it formulates positions on, and to ensure that public decisionmakers are – where appropriate – provided with relevant and updated information.

NN Group is registered under number 493416718971-18 at the EU transparency register (Transparency Register (

To ensure compliance, discuss policy developments, and consider the consequences of various regulatory policies, NN is a member of several national and international organisations, such as:

  • In the Netherlands: the Dutch Association of Insurers (Verbond van Verzekeraars); Dutch Banking Association (NVB); and the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers (VNO-NCW)
  • In Europe: national Insurance and Pension Associations in the countries where NN is active; the Pan-European Insurance Forum (PEIF); the European Financial Services Roundtable (EFR); the European Insurance CFO Forum (CFO Forum), and the CRO Forum
  • International: the World Economic Forum (WEF); and the Geneva Association

The annual total monetary contributions and expenditures to trade associations in 2022 was EUR 5.4 million. The three largest contributions were to the Dutch Association of Insurers, the Dutch Banking Association and the World Economic Forum.

In addition, NN Group has direct engagements with authorities and public decisionmakers concerning regulatory and policy developments by way of providing them with relevant information, wherever appropriate. NN Group does not make financial contributions to political parties in the Netherlands or elsewhere.

NN Group focuses on EU and Dutch legislative proposals or policies, such as:

  • Prudential Regulation (Solvency II)
  • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Sustainable Finance policies (Taxonomy, SFDR, CSRD)
  • Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD)
  • Digital Strategy (incl. Artificial Intelligence Act, Open Finance and Open Insurance, Data Protection)
  • Anti-money laundering (AML)
  • Pension reforms in various countries
  • Labour market reforms

NN Group has a dedicated Public and Government Affairs (PGA) team. Its function is to identify and assess major regulatory initiatives, upcoming policies, and societal trends, that are important to NN Group, its businesses and activities, and the insurance sector in general. PGA positions NN Group on such developments in close collaboration with internal experts and coordinates the external communication with external experts, industry associations, and other stakeholders. We aim to constructively contribute to European and national policy debates and policymaking by engaging with key external stakeholders.

The PGA team reports to Director Corporate Relations and to the responsible Member of the Management Board NN Group (Chief People, Communications, and Sustainability Officer). Updates from the PGA team are regularly discussed by the NN Group Management and Supervisory Board.

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