Our values

Our business centres around people and trust. Being entrusted with other people’s financial matters is a responsibility we take very seriously. At NN, we help people care for what matters most to them. We do so guided by our values care, clear, commit.
  • We care means we empower people to be their best. We respect each other and the world we live in.
  • We are clear means we communicate proactively and honestly. We are accessible and open.
  • We commit means we act with integrity. We do business with the future in mind.

These values express what we hold dear, what we believe in and what we aim for. They guide, unite and inspire us. And they are brought to life through our day-to-day work. Our values set the standard for conduct and provide a compass for decision making. Every single NN employee is responsible and accountable for living up to them.

Living our values enables us to carefully consider the interests of all of our stakeholders. These are our customers, who are the starting point of everything we do. Our colleagues, who realise the goals we envisage together. Our shareholders, who invest in our company. Our societies, in which we work and live. Our business relations and suppliers who we partner with. And regulators, with whom we engage in a constructive dialogue.

We encourage any stakeholder who has a question about how we live up to our values to contact us at livingourvalues@nn-group.com.

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