Embedding sustainability in our business

Our values care, clear, commit guide our interactions with all stakeholders, and they embody responsible business conduct and corporate citizenship. As a large international financial services company, we believe our business has a role to play in the transition to a sustainable economy. Through our products and services – retirement services, pensions, insurance, banking and investments – we want to have a positive social and environmental impact and contribute to the well-being of people, the planet and society.   

In June 2020, NN Group launched its strategy with the objective of moving towards net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, in line with the Paris Climate Agreement. We also integrate environmental, societal and governance (ESG) factors in our insurance business through both our investment process and underwriting process.  

In our underwriting process, we apply specific policies for sensitive sectors following our risk assessment which indicates increased or unacceptable risks on the basis of sanctions regulations and compliance risks. We have aligned our thermal coal policy for insurance underwriting with our investment process.  

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Respecting people and the world we live in 

The NN Group Human Rights Statement and the NN Group Environmental Statement reflect our commitment to human rights and the environment. The statements set out our approach to these topics in our roles as an employer, an insurer, a business partner, an investor and a corporate citizen. 

Products and services that add social and environmental value 

We create products and services that add environmental and social value through solutions for our customers around sustainable living and mobility, promoting health and well-being, and helping insure them against climate change-related risks. We also aim to address societal needs or add social value by reaching more vulnerable groups in society. 

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        Sustainable living environment 

        We enable net-zero living by empowering our customers to make their home or business more sustainable. For example, our mortgage provider Woonnu rewards more sustainable living and our platform Powerly offers tailored advice to home owners on making their homes more energy efficient. 

        Addressing adverse impacts on the environment is also about preserving and restoring our ecosystems, biodiversity and much more. We seek solutions that address biodiversity. NN is one of the leading marine insurers in the Netherlands, and aims to limit negative impacts to ocean ecosystems from climate change, pollution and overfishing.  

        Sustainable mobility  

        We support our customers in shifting to more sustainable mobility solutions. We offer insurance for electric vehicles, including NN Belgium’s insurance for electric bikes. Through our partnership with klimaatplein.nl, we have developed a climate change prevention scan for SME companies. 

        Pension insights 

        BeFrank launched the first carbon-neutral pension fund in the Netherlands and NN Slovakia launched the first ESG pension fund in Slovakia. Through Netherlands Life’s online pension platform the Human Capital Planner (HCP), customers can see the impact of their life cycle investments in terms of CO2 reduction, water savings and waste reduction. 

        Healthy living and financial well-being 

        We promote health and well-being and aim to help people stay socially engaged. We support a carefree retirement for example through Zorggenoot, a platform which helps customers take care of their relatives or arrange the services they need.  

        Our critical illness products in Central and Eastern Europe are supported by cancer awareness and prevention campaigns. ForYouWoman, offered by Nationale-Nederlanden Spain, is a community platform for women with information about the prevention and treatment of breast and genital cancer. We offer a similar concept in Poland.  

        We also offer help to customers who are in or who might become in financial distress. 

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