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NN Group Capital Markets Day on 24 June

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NN Group (AMS)

Financial calendar

Publication 1H20 results
Publication 2H20 results
The annual general meeting of NN Group was held on 28 May 2020

2019 was a good year for our company

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The Investor Relations team welcomes questions from investors and analysts
Debt securities & credit ratings
NN Group N.V., Nationale Nederlanden Bank N.V.and Delta Lloyd Levensverzekering N.V have issued debt securities.

Investor events & presentations
Company profile, investor presentations, Capital Market Days, tender offer fro Delta Lloyd, and IPO documents.

General meetings of shareholders
An extraordinary general meeting of NN Group N.V. was held on 26 september 2019 in the Hague, the Netherlands

Our role in society
At NN we believe that by understanding the global trends society faces and the impact these developments may have on our customers and on our business, we can contribute to a healthy economy as well as a stable society.

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