NN Bike in Romania – innovation to improve the customer experience

        NN Bike in Romania

At NN Group, we are focused on further improving the customer experience through innovation. The changing environment, including customer needs, is the strongest reason for our innovation efforts. By improving our existing products and services, we can create a more personal and relevant customer experience. This is what NN Romania achieved with the launch of ‘NN Bike’, the first bike insurance for urban riders.

Traffic in large Romanian cities is becoming increasingly worse. Actually, Bucharest is one of the cities with the biggest traffic jams in Europe. With Romanian citizens trying to optimise their time spent in different means of transportation, bicycles are getting more and more popular. Over the past eight years, Romania has shown positive signs of adopting the bike as one of the preferred alternative transportation means in big cities, like Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca. NN Bike is an accident insurance that covers bikers’ medical expenses in case of fractures and hospitalisation caused by an accident.

Currently there are about 200,000 active urban bikers in Romania. In the next five years this number is expected to triple. This growing population of urban bikers in Romania are in need of financial protection in case of accidents. Until 2017, there was no insurance product yet to meet this growing need. NN Romania identified this market opportunity and launched NN Bike. Now it is well on its way for becoming the partner of choice for biking insurance in Romania.

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