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At the beginning of 2017, both NN Group and daughter company Nationale-Nederlanden become corporate partners of the Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam, specifically to support the collection.

Nationale-Nederlanden and The Nederlands Fotomuseum are both closely connected to Dutch culture and society, in large part due to their rich histories in the Netherlands. This connection is also expressed Nationale-Nederlanden’s creative campaigns, which feature the uniqueness of each Dutch person, also revealed in their slogan ‘There is only one Dutch man or woman like you’. Also embedding itself further into Dutch cultures, The Nederlands Fotomuseum manages the collection of the most renowned Dutch photographers. With more than five million images on hand, Dutch history from 1900 until the present will soon be shown - everything from significant Dutch events throughout history to small, personal moments.  

Many of the exhibitions will feature renowned names from the Netherlands as well as the international photographic world (Ed van der Elsken, Nan Goldin, Lewis Hine, Alfredo Jaar, and Viviane Sassen for example). In addition, the museum continuously displays work from their own collection. As corporate partners of the museum collection, over the coming three years Nationale-Nederlanden and NN Group will support specific exhibitions and projects from this unique collection, which represent an important part of the visual heritage of the Netherlands.

NN Group, Nationale-Nederlanden, and the Nederlands Fotomuseum all have the ambition to bring a broader public in touch with culture, and specifically with photography. At the beginning of 2017, a selection of the Historical-Dutch interior photos was used for a presentation in the Nationale-Nederlanden Café located in Rotterdam, in line with the corporate campaign.

        Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam. Foto Benno Thoma.      Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam. Foto Benno Thoma.

Rotterdam Works!

From 19 September 2020 to 17 January 2021, Nationale-Nederlanden is supporting the exhibition Rotterdam Works! Here you will be introduced to photos taken on behalf of government services and companies, such as Nationale-Nederlanden, from 1860 to the present day.

As long as photography has existed, photographers have captured Rotterdam on film. Their iconic images shape how we perceive the city. Rotterdam Works! takes you through the development of the Rotterdam ports and companies that were always closed to outsiders. The exhibition includes many unknown photos and film images of people, buildings, events and life in the city, as well as specially selected photographs from the collections of contemporary photographers. Photographs are also on display from the collections of the Nederlands Fotomuseum, the Rotterdam City Archives, the Royal Collections and the corporate archives of Nationale-Nederlanden, Heineken and de Bijenkorf, among others. The images show a changing city that is always on the move and how photography has developed from 1860 until the present day.

(Photo: Construction Erasmusbrug, Rotterdam, 1995 © Hajo Piebenga / Nederlands Fotomuseum)

Instagram photo contest: my life at home

Life looks different than before. We stay home as much as possible. We work from home. We keep our distance. We cannot visit museums.

Together with the Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam, we have set up an Instagram photo competition with the theme: my life at home. We challenge you to share up to five photos about your life today that use strong visuals to tell a story. Use the hashtag #mijnleventhuis and tag @nl_fotomuseum & @nn_nederland in your Instagram post. Images can be posted in both colour and in black and white. You have until 31 May 2020 to share your images.

The jury will announce four winners on 15 June. Each winner will receive one of the four prizes: (1) Masterclass Sterke Verhalen, (2) a print from the Nederlands Fotomuseum web shop, (3) the new exhibition book Sterke Verhalen or (4) headphones.

The jury assesses the photos as a whole; the photos together tell one story. Creativity, the chosen framework and the use of light are important to the jury.

Lust for life, Ed van der Elsken

‘I celebrate life. I am not more complicated than that. I celebrate everything: love, courage, beauty, but also anger, blood, sweat and tears.’ – Ed van der Elsken

In 2016, NN Group supported the Nederlands Fotomuseum with the project EYE LOVE YOU, to preserve the work of the famous Dutch photographer Ed van der Elsken. The largest photo restoration project ever undertaken in the Netherlands involved cleaning 45,000 colour slides and making them digitally accessible. To celebrate the project’s completion, the first exhibition dedicated to Van der Elsken’s colour photography will open this summer. Both his iconic pictures and never-before-seen works will be on show at the Nederlands Fotomuseum from 25 May until 6 October 2019.

Photographs by Van der Elsken will also be exhibited at the NN North Sea Jazz Festival.

(Photo: Ed van der Elsken jumps of his ‘mini Moke’ during film recording of ‘De verliefde camera’ , Edam, 1970 - Nederlands Fotomuseum / © Ed van der Elsken)

Portfolio day

Together with the Nederlands Fotomuseum, Nationale-Nederlanden is organising a meeting between photographers and professionals from the artworld at the Nationale-Nederlanden DE Café in Rotterdam, on Thursday, 16 May 2019.

Three professionals will advise the photographers on their portfolios: Narda van ‘t Veer (Founder The Ravestijn Gallery, Photography Agent), Rein Jelle Terpstra (visual artist) and Aisha Zeijpveld (photographer).

In a personal ten-minute session with one of the three professionals, the attendees will introduce their work and share their vision. Nationale-Nederlanden values the role of art and culture in society, and is proud to be Corporate Partner Collections of the Nederlands Fotomuseum.

Discover more on the website of the Nederlands Fotomuseum.

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