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The NN Group Code of Conduct incorporates the complete set of rules and guidelines that each NN Group colleague must follow. By doing so, we create a company based on integrity that prioritises living our values every day. Throughout 2016, workshops on the new Code of Conduct were offered to the majority of our employees, and were mandatory for senior management.

The workshops were an integral part of the roll-out of the Code of Conduct, which was a follow up to the initial Statement of Living our Values that NN Group released previously. The workshops served to familiarise colleagues with the background of the document; foster discussions on applying the values care, clear commit and the Code in day-to-day work; and provided a structured approach on how best to deal with dilemmas in the workplace.

The sessions covered many practical aspects of the Code of Conduct, including how we interact with stakeholders, how we deal with information and data, conflicts of interest and fraud, equipment and the internet, and how to report breaches in the Code.

Dealing with dilemmas

Of particular focus was how to deal with dilemmas in the workplace. The interactive approach invited participants to evaluate case studies that gave examples of conflicting interests (quality of customer service vs quotas), dealing with issues such as receiving gifts, treating inside information, and other workplace dilemmas. Those taking the workshop were also encouraged to cite examples of personal dilemmas they have had to deal with.  The facilitators of the workshop presented eight key questions that colleagues can ask themselves when dealing with dilemmas, providing a structured and standard approach throughout the company. They are:

1.    Who are the stakeholders?

2.    What are their interests?

3.    Which interests conflict with each other?

4.    Do I have all relevant information?

5.    What are the arguments in favour of each interest?

6.    Can I reach a win-win situation?

7.    If not, which argument should prevail?

8.    Do I really implement this decision?

What the workshops also stressed was the importance of role modelling, and how both managers and peers set examples within the company of how to apply our values and Code of Conduct, and how to appropriately manage dilemmas.

The full NN Group Code of Conduct can be downloaded from the website.

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